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5 Signs of an Under-Insulated Home

Properly installed insulation is as important for a comfortable home as your heating and cooling equipment. In fact, it could easily be argued that insulation is more important! With that in mind, it’s easy to see why keeping up with adding insulation and re-insulating is important; unfortunately, knowing when to act can be tough.

Looking for easy ways to tell if your home is under-insulated? Hinkle Insulation has you covered—check out these five crystal-clear signs that you need to add insulation to your Austin home!

For insulation services in the Austin, Texas area, contact our team at Hinkle Insulation & Drywall online or give us a call at (512) 523-5395.

These Five Signs Tell You When You Need More Insulation

Frequent Drafts in Your Home

If the windows are closed and your doors are secured, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all with drafts in your home. If you’re frequently feeling an uncomfortable breeze, the likely cause is an air leak. The most common cause of air leaks in your home? You guessed it: under-insulated spaces. A lack of insulation is the leading cause of drafts, along with leaky HVAC ducts and damaged windows.

Uneven Temperatures Throughout your House

The primary goal of insulation is to keep indoor, temperature-controlled air in, and outdoor air out. If your home lacks adequate insulation then it allows outdoor air to seep in, and lets heated air out. This can lead to drastic swings in temperature from room to room. If your thermostat reads a comfortable 70 degrees but your rooms are much cooler, there’s a good chance your insulation has worn out or that you had too little in the first place.

Steadily Increasing Energy Costs

Rises in energy use always come as a result of something in your home not quite working correctly. Often it can be a problem with your home heating system or an electrical issue, but just as often the insulation in your home could be wearing down, collapsing, settling or getting damaged. This leads to your heating and cooling equipment having to work harder and longer, which dramatically increases energy costs on a monthly basis.

High Humidity Levels (In the Summer)

One of the major functions of your home HVAC equipment is to siphon out humidity from your home air. If your insulation is sub-par, however, outdoor humidity will find its way into your home. Even worse, your cooled air coming into contact with warm outdoor air will lead to condensation on your walls, floors, ceilings and other areas. This can lead to extensive—and expensive—home damage, as well as mold infestation!

A Pest Problem in Your Austin Home

Properly installed insulation should leave no gaps in your home’s spaces. The major benefits of it doing so lie in comfort, of course, but insulation also serves to keep bugs, rodents, and other pests from getting into your home and creating nests. If you have trouble with bugs, raccoons, squirrels or other critters taking up residence in your walls, you might look to your insulation for the ideal solution.

How Do I Know If I Need to Add Insulation?

The best way to know for certain is to call on an experienced, certified contractor! It’s possible that more insulation could help if you’re experiencing any of the above issues, but it’s also possible that you’re dealing with another problem entirely. It’s best to get the service you need and make sure an investment in insulation will actually help.

Looking for a certified insulation and re-insulation contractor in Austin, TX? Contact Hinkle Insulation today or give us a call at (512) 523-5395 to schedule a consultation! 

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